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Feb 3, 2024 -  The BoatUs Foundation is a non-profit origination dedicated to boating safety and the marine environment. The following profile contains information about its organization services and mission. You will also find some additional qualifications with links to important aspects of its offerings.


The BoatUS Foundation for Boating Safety and Clean Water is an innovative leader promoting safe, clean and responsible boating. The Foundation provides educational outreach directly to boaters and supports partner organizations nationwide. With millions of boaters on the water, our aim is to reduce accidents and fatalities, increase stewardship of our waterways and keep boating a safe and enjoyable pastime.


The BoatUS Foundation is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our work is primarily funded by grants and individual donations.

Crossing the Border

Cruising to Canada, Mexico, Cuba, or the Bahamas can be an exhilarating adventure away from home waters. Here's some background to help you begin your planning. Visit WikiLinks for more information.

Distress Calls for Help

In emergency situations, there are certain procedures to follow to ensure prompt response to your need for help. There are three phrases that you might hear on a VHF radio, and they all relate to safety. Visit WikiLinks for more information.

Marine Communications Guide

In this age of e-mail, fax machines, pagers, and cell phones, there is no shortage of ways to get your message across. But when you're out on the water, what's the best device to maintain your lifeline to shore? Visit WikiLinks for more information.

Rules of the Road

A basic study guide about general rules of the road for navigating inland waterways.


The BoatUS foundation is an excellent online resource of quality information for boaters of all types. We encourage our readers to WikiShare any further information or experiences regarding this profile.

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