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Uniform Commercial Code Search


How and when to conduct a boat Uniform Commercial Code search.

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Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) searches are called for when checking to see whether a particular boat has been pledged as collateral for a loan. This is especially important on boats that are not state titled or USCG documented. Loans in those cases must be perfected in a different manner. Tax liens and other types of owner indebtedness may also be revealed in a UCC search.

Step - 1 - Gather information about the owner, boat, and where it is registered.

UCC searches can only be searched by an owner's name unless a filing number is known. However, you will also need to have a description of the boat and its identification numbers to determine whether a discovered filing pertains to the subject boat. In order to know where to search you will need to know where the owner resides and the state in which the boat is registered.

Step - 2 - Conducting the search.

You should conduct your search in the state of owner's residence and state where the boat is registered if different. Most jurisdictions now provide online access to their UCC records. If not, you will need to submit a UCC11 Information Request form. The state registration summaries shown in the WikiTags will provide UCC agency information for every state and U.S. territory. When conducting the search, you should use a business name, the owner's legal name, a byname, and name shown on the registration certificate if different. You will need to conduct separate searches for multiple owners.

Step - 3 - Obtaining record copies.

UCC filings are only valid for five years unless renewed. In order to obtain information about those which are still current you will need to submit an information request. This is again available online in most states. If not you will need to use the universal UCC Information Request Form shown in the WikiTags.


UCC searches are not all the difficult to conduct and are immediately available in most cases. There are however, professional record provider services that can assist you in doing so. These can be found in the WikiTags for this page.

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