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Vessel Tonnage Calculation WikiTagsWikiShare

How to determine whether a vessel is large enough for vessel documentation with step by step instructions.

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Feb 2, 2024 - In order to qualify for documentation, a vessel must meet the minimum tonnage requirement of 5 net tons. This relates to cargo capacity which is determined by certain measurements. These guidelines will demonstrate how to go about calculating such dimensions.

Step - 1 - Downloading the Calculator

The simplified measurement form, which is sometimes used in the documentation process, also doubles as a tonnage calculator. It is available from from the above WikiTags in an Adobe PDF format.

Step - 2 - Completing the Form

All applicable fields and check boxes in the simplified measurement form must be fully completed and as accurately as possible. Instructions for doing so are included with the downloaded form.

Step - 3 - Performing the Calculation

Upon completing the necessary fields and checkboxes, be sure to hit the enter key on your keyboard. The tonnage information should then appear in the upper left hand corner of the form. It will show both the gross and net tonnage. If the net tonnage is less than 5 net tons, the vessel will not qualify for documentation.


If the calculation message does not appear, you may need to go over your entries again to be sure everything is complete. Although rarely declined, vessels 26' and under require approval from Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington DC, even if they measure 5 net tons or more. Be sure to run this calculation before submitting an application for initial documentation as the fees are non-refundable in the event of a rejection.

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