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Boat Records Release Authorization Form


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Sep 11, 2023 - The boat records release authorization form is designed for usage in those states where such data is restricted due to consumer privacy regulations. Access to state boat title and registration records is limited in most jurisdictions to the owner and certain privileged parties. The owner must accordingly provide a written release authorization to any non-privileged parties that may require such information. This can be used in conjunction with a boat record request form for the respective state.


This form is available in Adobe PDF format as an example from WikiLinks. You may copy the text if you wish and revise it to suit your circumstances.


Owner  -  State the owner's name and address as shown on the record to be obtained.

Recipient  -  State the name and address of the person to who is to receive the record.

Vessel  -  Show the Year, make and length of the subject vessel. It is imperative that a hull number is included along with any registration of USCG  documentation numbers.

Trailer  -  If applicable, provide a description of the trailer along with any identification and registration numbers.

Content  -  Identify the state and respective agency from which the record is to be obtained.

Signature  -  Insert the date signed and owner's signature. A signature notarization is not typically required, but this may not always be the case.


Although this form is generally suitable for most jurisdictions, you should check with the respective agency about any such concerns. Some states may also provide their own specific version.

Use of this form may have legal, financial, and tax implications.
You should consult with an attorney or professional about any such concerns.

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