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Promissory Note - Form
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Boat Promissory Note


BoatWiki - Forms

Use of this form may have legal and tax implications.
You should consult with an attorney or professional about any such concerns.


The promissory note form represents an example of how a typical boat loan may be structured. This portrayal can be modified to suit the terms and conditions of your own particular circumstances.


This form is intended for recreational usage and may not be suitable for more complex transactions or commercial vessels.


The form is available for download from the BoatWiki repository in Microsoft Word Format. It is not locked or protected, which will allow for the appropriate textual changes in the content.


Header - Define the parties, principal amount of the loan, and applicable interest rate. The borrower's address can be stated adjacent to the below signature line. This should be a physical location where service can be delivered in the event of a default.

Payment - Establish the terms of how the loan is to be repaid. This can be one lump sum or structured as installment payments.

Place - Enter the place or destination of where the payment or payments should be sent.

Prepayment - Indicate whether prepayment of the loan is allowed or forbidden.

Security - Indicate whether or not the note is subject to a security agreement. If so enter the collateral description, it's identification numbers, and date of the agreement (may not precede that of the note).

Default - Indicate the circumstances that will apply in the event of a default in payment or breach of the terms set forth herein.

Collection - Enter the borrower's obligations in the event of any actions necessary to enforce the terms set forth herein.

Signature - Enter the date and signature of the borrower. This should be followed by the borrower's physical address. Notarization is not typical, but an attachment can made if so desired.


This form can affect the legal rights of all parties involved and should be reviewed by a qualified attorney regarding any such concerns. Please help others by wiki-sharing any comments, corrections or experiences related to the usage of this form.

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