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Boat Title Disclosure Form


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The boat title disclosure form is designed to help buyers and lenders gather pertinent information about a particular boat and its owner. It may be executed by the owner or used as a checklist in conducting boat and ownership searches.


There are no requirements in the marine industry for written disclosures such as  you would find in real estate transactions. It is, however, reasonable for an owner or seller to provide enough information for a buyer or lender to make an informed decision about the boat's title condition and the owner's wherewithal to make good on any such representations.


The disclosure form is available from the BoatWiki repository in Microsoft Word Format. It is fielded and protected for tabbing convenience. The form's body can be altered by unprotecting the form from your applications tool menu. It must again be protected to regain the tabbing function.


The form is self explanatory and should be completed as applicable to the fullest degree possible. Exhibits A and B can be used to expand on any of the topics.


The importance of title research and an owner background check can not be  understated for any boat purchase or loan transaction. Reluctance on behalf of the owner to provide such information should warrant cause for immediate concern. Please help your fellow boaters by wiki-sharing any comments or experiences regarding the usage of this form.

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