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Wrecked Vessel Definition


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Feb 4, 2024 - A wrecked vessel is typically defined as any boat, watercraft, yacht or ship that has been damaged or destroyed beyond a replacement cost. Its ultimate disposition will accordingly depend on the type of damages and circumstances surrounding the event. A wrecked vessel may become salvaged, repaired, restored, scrapped or perhaps abandoned.

Wrecked Vessel Determination

A repaired vessel that was previously wrecked in the coastal or adjacent waters of the United States may attain special privileges with regard to USCG vessel documentation. If the extent and location of such repairs meets a certain criteria according to federal statutes, it may qualify for a coastwise or fisheries endorsement (WikiTags). Visit WikiLinks for further information about obtaining such a determination.


When a wrecked vessel has been grounded or sunken and is unrecoverable, it becomes what is generally known as a shipwreck. Waterways and oceans throughout the world are littered with such objects. These may or may not cause pollution or navigational hazards and are generally marked on charts when of a substantial nature. Shipwrecks can also become sanctuaries for marine life and areas of interest for divers.


Nautical or maritime terminology is sometimes redundant, overlapping and confusing. Although the meaning of a wrecked vessel can be broadly applied to any boat that has been damaged, it is most often related to large sea going yachts, vessels and ships that have been involved in major incidents.

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