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JUL 21, 2023 - A wildcard in boat database terms can be defined as a special character that acts as a substitute for letters, numbers or terms within a search criteria.


Many boating applications that involve search lookups for boats, registrations, titles, or documentations will accommodate wildcard characters. These usually consists of a percentage character (%) but other variations may apply.


When placed before a search criteria, it will bring up any results that end with such terms. If placed after the search criteria, it will bring up anything that begins with such terms. A search term that contains a wild card both before and after will produce any results that contain such terms. A wildcard can also be substituted for one or more characters within a search term.


Wildcards are great when searching for criteria where some of the characters are unknown or in bringing up categories. However, they should be used sparingly in order to avoid hitting a default limit for too many responses.

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