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Maritime Lien


BoatWiki - Definitions


A maritime lien can be defined as an in-rem or persona claim against a vessel for goods or services that are essential to its operations. It is a function of admiralty law which affords special privileges and priority. Such liens are enforced under jurisdiction of the federal courts. Maritime liens are also known as a hidden or secret liens.


Under maritime law, a vessel is said to have its own personality or persona. This means that it can sustain debts and liabilities independent of the owner. These remain in force even through subsequent equity transfers and do not have to become recorded or perfected.


Maritime liens are technically applicable to any type of vessel on any body of water. However, they primarily affect larger vessels traversing federal waters and especially those which are Coast Guard documented. More information about maritime liens can be found in the WikiTags and throughout other pages of BoatWiki.


Issues surrounding boat liens, claims or encumbrances are numerous and complex. Boaters should approach these with due diligence and perhaps the assistance of an attorney or boat title professional.

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