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May 12, 2003 - An instrument in boating terms can have multiple meanings depending on the context in which invoked. These include legal agreements, mechanical instruments and electronic devices. Although different in form and function these are all crucial aspects of buying, owning, operating, and selling a boat. Boaters should become intimately familiar with all types of instruments that come into play within the realm of their own particular boating experience.

Legal Instrument Context

Legal instruments pertain to documents that establish the basis for enforceable acts or agreements, and secures their associated legal rights, obligations, and duties. In boating, these may include purchase and sale agreements, listing agreements, escrow instructions, transfer documents such as bills of sale, financing agreements and lease or rental agreements just to name a few. Coast Guard usage of this term is especially prevalent throughout their vessel documentation codifications.

Mechanical Instrument Context

Mechanical instruments and gauges for boats are similar to those found in a vehicle. These monitor fuel levels, engine temperatures, oil pressure and the like. However, there may be additional indicators such as engine tilt position, bilge alarms and rudder alignment among others

Electronic Instrument Context

Electronic instruments are related more to communications and navigation functions. These include radar units, sonars, depth finders, satellite positioning devices, marine radios and the like.


Instruments, whether legal or otherwise, can produce serious ramifications for boaters if not fully understood and functional. A prudent and cautious boater must become familiar with the functionality of all those related to their particular boating experience. It's always prudent to seek the assistance of a lawyer when dealing with legal documents whereas a qualified mechanic or technician is the best solution when it comes to operational instruments.

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