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Offshore Waters - Definition


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Inland Boating Waters


BoatWiki - Definitions


Inland waters can be defined in boating terms as navigable bodies of water that reside shoreward from demarcation lines that separate them from the high seas or open oceans. These may include harbors, rivers, lakes, bays, and wetlands. Although landlocked bodies of waters may also fall within this definition they are often regulated separately from a jurisdictional perspective.


A distinction is drawn between inland and open waters or what may be known as the high seas for both navigational and jurisdictional reasons. The Coast Guard does in fact have a specific definition of inland waters for patrol, enforcement and rescue purposes. Landlocked waters fall within this meaning, but maybe regulated according to their respective jurisdictions.


In technical terms, internal or inland waters begin at the point where offshore territorial waters are calculated. Although governed by international law, there are disputes among various countries as to what exactly constitutes such delineation points.


Boaters should be keenly aware of the type of waters upon which they are traversing for a number of safety, enforcement, and navigational reasons.

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