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Boat Horsepower


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Horsepower can be defined in boating terms as the stated power output related to a boat's engine or engines. This is typically expressed as a number followed by the HP designation.


By definition, motorboats are mechanically propelled with one or more gas or diesel fueled mechanical devices. These can be mounted inside the boat's hull as inboards attached to it's stern as outboards. All engines are rated by the manufacturer according to a standard formula.


Although state level boat registration in many states is contingent on minimum horsepower, this is not a factor when it comes to USCG vessel documentation. However, such data is shown on most records as a statistical matter if nothing else. Horsepower may also have an impact on insurability and create access restrictions to smaller bodies of water such as lakes and ponds.


Power units that are mismatched to a boat's configuration and intended usage can not only affect its performance but may create safety problems. Boaters that are unfamiliar with such issues should  get professional help in determining the appropriate propulsion and power requirements before selecting or repowering a particular boat.

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