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Excise tax as it applies to boats can be defined as an assessment for the privilege of operating on the waters of a particular state. Collection thereof is typically incorporated into the boat's periodic registration fees.


The terms excise, property, use, and sales taxes are frequently confused with each other. They are all, however, a means or method for the collection of revenues attributed to the operation of a boat on the respective state's waters.


The types of boat taxes, assessments, and requirements may vary considerably on a state by state basis. In any event, excise taxes are usually imposed at different rates and set apart from sales, use, and property taxes.


Although legitimate tax exemptions are still a factor, many of the earlier loopholes for avoidance have been eliminated. It may accordingly be worthwhile to consult with a tax professional in the jurisdiction where the boat will be operated. BoatWiki has various resources for finding such information, but keep in mind the rules and rates are ever changing.

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