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Affidavit of Fact


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Sept 1, 2023 - An affidavit of fact in boating terms can be defined as a written statement that is personally affirmed before a notary public. It amounts to sworn testimony that certain facts regarding a particular boat, its title, registration, ownership, or a related transaction are true and accurate. Knowingly false statements made under these conditions are typically punishable according to perjury statutes. An affidavit of fact is also commonly known as a statement of facts and may also be named according to its purpose.


There are various circumstances where boat registration, titling, and USCG documentation agencies may require an affidavit as part of an application or recording transaction. These mostly involve corrective measures and lost, missing or otherwise unobtainable items.  Lost titles, registration certificates, documents, repossessions, legal name changes, boat specification changes, and incomplete transaction instruments are just some of the different applications.


Jurisdiction venue, signature requirements, and notarizations are common among most affidavits. A description of the subject boat along with its hull number, state registration number, and USCG documentation number are also required as applicable. The declared legal name and a physical address of an affiant is yet another typical requirement. Other citations may vary according to statutory  or jurisdictional requirements and the underlying subject matter.


Most jurisdictions will accept any type of affidavit formatting, providing that it contains the necessary information and citations. However, they often provide and sometimes require their own specific forms. You should accordingly check with the respective agency to see if there are any special requirements or instructions. You will find a generic affidavit form and some other specialized formats in the WikiTags.

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