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Sep 26, 2023 - The USCG Boating Safety Division provides a yearly database containing detailed information about boating accidents within the United States. This was initiated in 1969 and is still actively maintained. It covers reports filed pursuant to such requirements on both the state and federal levels. There are, however, three states that prohibit the release of such information and a few that restrict certain elements of the reports.


The most current database can be obtained as a free download from the BoatWiki repository by visiting WikiTags. This is a ZIP file which contains the database and supporting documents. The database is available in Microsoft Access format and includes a vessel table, deaths table and injuries table. The file also contains a cover letter that provides an overview and a data dictionary. These are formatted in Microsoft Word.

The searchable database can  be accessed from an online subscription service called BoatScope which can be found in WikiLinks. It contains both the current and all historical accident datasets provided by the USCG. This is part of an extensive gathering of comprehensive boating data sources that is searchable by multiple criteria.

Data Provided

The download version provides a wide ranging set of details related to the vessel's description, related events, operational conditions, damages, injuries and casualties. The searchable subscription is a more condensed synopsis of such factors.


Although not fully conclusive, these offerings contain a wealth of information that may be of great value to every day boaters, the marine industry in general and academic statisticians.

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